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I am developing a web application using GWT and JQuery for UI development. In this application customer can upload the photo and print the photo on mug/t-shirt etc. Something like this

I don't see any problems till the image uploading, but not able to proceed further and display image on mug. I searched a lot, but I am not getting any API for this, maybe I am missing something. Is there any API for doing this? Please help me on how to display an image to mug/t-shirt?

Please help..!!!


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To my big surprise, such an API does exist - if you are willing to work with Zazzle as your supplier:


Other suppliers of custom products may have their own APIs.

If do not want to use a supplier API, you will have to create this functionality on your own.

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Thanks for your quick reply. I just went through the Zazzle API. It seems that if I use this customer will be redirected to the Zazzle website, which I would like to avoid.. :( Is there anything available which I can integrate in my code? rather than redirecting customers to other web sites? Thanks again..! –  Aniket Jun 17 at 8:22
Why do you expect such an API to exist? –  Andrei Volgin Jun 17 at 13:51
Yeah,you are right. I tried few things like, but not able to get the desired look and feel. Any idea on using which technology(Java related) this can be easily achieved? –  Aniket Jun 26 at 4:27

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