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I committed something using wrong credentials, is there a way that I can remove that commit from git history. I am using egit plugin in eclipse.

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Technically yes, but not sure if you want to do it. Ponder the pros and cons, especially the big con of altering pushed history:

Not pushed yet/local change only

One the console just do one of these:

  • git rebase -i <commit before the one you want to remove>: a file will open with the list of commits in a text editor. Remove the commit that you want to get rid of. Save and exit. Git will rebuild the history (and possible present some conflicts) without that commit.

  • git reset --soft <the commit you want to remove>: use this option if you don't mind changing the rest of the history and commit it all over again. You won't have conflicts this way, but it's only doable if it's a short history.

Changing remote branch

Well, any of the solutions listed before, BUT when you push you have to specify -f option and this is EXTREMELY BAD :nucleardawn: ! You will be changing a commit history that others might be relying on, and it might completely screw their work.

Only do this if you're sure no one has fetched the remote branch for a while or if you work alone.

Hope this helps.

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