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I have this code in my project that I uploaded to Azure Web Job.

class Program {
        static void Main(string[] args) {
            var host = new JobHost();

        public static async Task AddSomethingAsync([QueueInput("myqueue1")] string _)

        public static async Task UpdateSomethingAsync([QueueInput("myqueue2")] string _)

But it shows the first function "AddSomethingAsync" only in azure scm site (https://me.scm.azurewebsites.net/azurejobs/#/jobs/triggered/myjob/runs/201406170707442616)

Is it the known issue or Am I missing something?


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Is it because two methods has same parameter type? I hope not. otherwise, it would be silly. –  Michael Sync Jun 17 '14 at 7:28

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Okie. I got it now. I need to go to Functions page to see it. The default shows only the first method.

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