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I should to develop a web-application in php for a firm, and I need to know the disk free space of the server.

At the moment, I'm able to obtain the free disk space of this kind :

 $quota="104857600"; //100Mb : (100*1024*1024)

after, I do the difference between $quota and my size variable.

So, in this case, I must to write the disk size directly in the php file...

It's possible to do the disk capacity ?

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disk_free_space - Will return you the number of bytes available on the filesystem or disk partition.

disk_total_space - Will return you the number of total bytes (i.e. capacity) on the filesystem or disk partition.

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Try disk_total_space function

float disk_total_space ( string $directory )


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you can try disk_free_space()

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You can use disk_free_space

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