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I know that this is probably an easy question, but how do I remove the quotes produced by this code:

import netsnmp
site = "office"
session = netsnmp.Session( DestHost='', Version=2, Community='public' )
mod = netsnmp.VarList( netsnmp.Varbind('HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrDeviceDescr.1') )
model = session.get(mod)
print model

This produces this output:

('HP Color LaserJet CM4540 MFP',)

How do I get rid of those parentheses and quote marks?

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print model[0]

You're trying to the print the tuple representation.

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A good rule of thumb when something isn't behaving as you expect is to check the type of the object. This problem would've been revealed immediately by a simple print(type(model)). –  jpmc26 Jun 17 at 9:14
Good point @jpmc26 –  klashxx Jun 17 at 9:26

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