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I want to get only the list of values ​​in the first column of the query.

$types = $em->getRepository('MyBundle:Notice')
exho json_encode($types);



I want to get a result


Of course, I can manually sort out the data and get the result I needed.

foreach ($types as $key => $type) {
    $types[$key] = $type['type'];

But I want to use the standard method, if any. Unfortunately, I did not find such a method in the documentation. Maybe I'm bad looking)

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@FuzzyTree you're right. I wonder if this is the only solution – ghost404 Jun 17 '14 at 13:48
I don't think Doctrine allows that, as each item in the first array dimension is a row, not a field. Just as a side note, you could manually do foreach ($types as &$type) { $type = $type['type']; } but it's just for fun ;) – Stock Overflaw Jun 18 '14 at 16:19

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