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recently i just setup my whm in aws micro instance (my first time to set up server). all the installation and setting was fine except for setting up the nameserver. i've few questions,

  1. can i use one ip for two nameservers? In my whm only appears with one ip. when adding new nameserver in nameserver registration im using the following values,

ns1.eatplayfun.com ns2.eatplayfun.com

both same ip.

  1. in my whm's NS record report, there is no ip resolved for both domain name. Nameserver Resolved IP Zones Actions ns1.eatplayfun.com No IP 7 Edit ns2.eatplayfun.com No IP 7 Edit

  2. im not able to ping my nameserver. ns1.eatplayfun.com

please help. when im trying to change my .org domain NS pointing to ns1.eatplayfun.com. it won't resolve, whereas no problem for .com domain to resolve.

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