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I would like to spellcheck a document using aspell. The document covers a biological topic and many terms use mixed numbers and letters within a single word (often a protein or gene identifier; mostly uppercase + digits but sometimes mixed case + digits). My problem is that I cannot add words that mix numbers and letters to my personal aspell dictionary.

For example WD40 is a correct word in my case, but aspell considers the WD part misspelled and offers to add just WD to my dictionary (along with the other correction options). Instead of adding WD, which would not only allow WD40 but much more, I would like to add the whole word to the dictionary.

If I manually add the term to the dictionary file, I get an error:

Error: /home/kopec/.aspell.en.pws: The word "WD40" is invalid.
The character '4' (U+34) may not appear in the middle of a word.

Another example would be YJQ8WW, where the digit is in the middle.

Is there any way to do this?

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