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I have installed WebDav extensions(--with-http_dav_module,nginx-dav-ext-module) for Nginx, and now i can write, read files using this protocol. But i need to write data part by part with PUT method, i found that i can use Content-Range header for this, but i can't find any extension for Nginx to work with Content-Range.

How can i achieve this? any suggestions? I can't read data from server and append new data to current and then write it(data is too big).

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Using Content-Range for PUT is explicitly forbidden by the HTTP standard, and a really bad idea.


I wrote a simple specification that allows you to append data:


But it does mean that you need to run sabre/dav, and not nginx's webdav module.

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thanks for the answer, but i can't use sabre/dav, because in the project I'm working on has been written a lot of code by other developers (my colleagues) using nginx and webdav, probably i will try to achieve my goal other way –  neok Jun 17 at 20:38
If you are just talking to nginx using the WebDAV protocol, you should be able to use it as a drop-in replacement. This is only not true if you wrote custom nginx code, presumably in C++. –  Evert Jun 18 at 6:37

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