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I am using like this to get login user details , I want know is the any chance of data is sharing will done for each user sign in individually or data sharing will not be down .

 public class LoginUserUtility
     public static string LoginUserId { get { return     HttpContext.Current.Session["UserId"].ToString(); } }
        public static string LoginUserName { get { return "admin"; } } //HttpContext.Current.Session["UserName"].ToString(); } }
        public static string LoginUserRoleId{ get { return HttpContext.Current.Session["RoleId"].ToString(); } }
        public static string LoginUserRoleName { get { return HttpContext.Current.Session["HotelId"].ToString(); } }
        public static string LoginUserCompanyId { get { return HttpContext.Current.Session["CompanyId"].ToString(); } }

Suggest any other better way to do this task ? I want access data without object creation of class .

Does Static properties will change data based on login user session values . I am accessing values like LoginUserUtility.LoginUserName

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