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My web has problem in IE,but work fine in firefox, chrome, safari i have service that return a url ( by $window.location.href) , then route to controller , but controller execute many time This is a service

NotificationService.prototype.openObjectDetail = function(actId) {
var self = this;
var url = "activity/redirect/" + actId;
self.$http.get(url).success(function(data) {
    if (data) {
        for (var index in self.items) {
            if (self.items[index].id == actId && self.items[index].status == 0) {
                self.items[index].status = 1;
                if (self.nUnread > 0) {
                    self.setNUnread(self.nUnread - 1);
        self.$window.location.href = "/"+ data;


 $routeProvider.when('/entwall/ideaspace/:ideaSpaceId/:action', {templateUrl: 'views/partials/common/wall.html', controller: 'EntWallCtrl'});

Controller :

.controller('EntWallCtrl',  ['$scope', '$routeParams','entWallService', function($scope, $routeParams, entWallService) {
  console.log("request to controller");
  $scope.service = entWallService; 
          $scope.$broadcast('filterMap', data);
      if(!isUndefined($scope.service.ideaSpaceService.item) && $scope.service.ideaSpaceService.item.id !== $routeParams.ideaSpaceId)
      console.log("request to controller have ideaSpace");
              $scope.$broadcast('filterMap', data);

When service return url, it called to controller, but controller is called many time Any idea ? Thanks so much!

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