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How to create tar of last 30 days file ? Do anyone have idea about this
Please help


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Use this simple command

$find ~ -mtime -30 | xargs tar -cvf Tar_File.tar


find     -- To find the files recursively
-mtime   -- specified the modification time of last 30 days  
xargs    --The given output is passed as an input using pipe  |  and xargs convert
            all  input as an arguments .
tar      --tar comand tar the files 
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I would not use this. If you have sufficient files modified in the last 30 days that xargs decides to split this into two commands, bad things will happen... Assuming you have GNU tar, using the -T <file_list> option or the --newer= or --after-date= options would be much better... – twalberg Jun 17 '14 at 15:20

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