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I have PushSharp successfully sending push notifications to Android, BB10, and iOS devices. I want to being sending notifications to WP8+ devices but it seems that nothing I do successfully registers the WindowsPhoneService.

Here is the code that I'm using:

PushBroker push = new PushBroker();
push.OnNotificationSent += NotificationSent;
push.OnChannelException += ChannelException;
push.OnServiceException += ServiceException;
push.OnNotificationFailed += NotificationFailed;
push.OnDeviceSubscriptionExpired += DeviceSubscriptionExpired;
push.OnDeviceSubscriptionChanged += DeviceSubscriptionChanged;
push.OnChannelCreated += ChannelCreated;
push.OnChannelDestroyed += ChannelDestroyed;


WindowsPhoneToastNotification windowsPhoneToastNotification = new    WindowsPhoneToastNotification()
    .ForEndpointUri(new Uri([[Device Uri]]))
    .WithText1("Test 1")
    .WithText2("Test 2")


Everything is pretty straightforward but notifications are not sent and no events get fired. Nothing. I can hit breakpoints all the way to "push.StopAllServices();" but not any breakpoints in any of the PushSharp-related events.

What am I missing?

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In the latest version of PushSharp, there is a parameter to pass to the "StopAllService" for waiting the queue sended before stop :

// push.StopAllServices(true);

This will force the pushchannel to send the notifications in the queue.

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