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I have a plot created in ggplot2 that uses scale_fill_gradientn. I'd like to add text at the minimum and maximum of the scale legend. For example, at the legend minimum display "Minimum" and at the legend maximum display "Maximum". There are posts using discrete fills and adding labels with numbers instead of text (e.g. here), but I am unsure how to use the labels feature with scale_fill_gradientn to only insert text at the min and max. At the present I am apt to getting errors:

Error in scale_labels.continuous(scale, breaks) : Breaks and labels are different lengths

Is this text label possible within ggplot2 for this type of scale / fill?

# The example code here produces an plot for illustrative purposes only.
# create data frame, from ggplot2 documentation
df <- expand.grid(x = 0:5, y = 0:5) 
df$z <- runif(nrow(df))

ggplot(df, aes(x, y, fill = z)) + geom_raster() + 
scale_fill_gradientn(colours=topo.colors(7),na.value = "transparent")
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For scale_fill_gradientn() you should provide both arguments: breaks= and labels= with the same length. With argument limits= you extend colorbar to minimum and maximum value you need.

ggplot(df, aes(x, y, fill = z)) + geom_raster() + 
      scale_fill_gradientn(colours=topo.colors(7),na.value = "transparent",

enter image description here

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