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function g_spawn_command_line_sync() has argument "gchar **standard_output":


I need read binary data from standard_output, but I not known length of standard_output.

Function g_spawn_command_line_sync():



GString *outstr = NULL;
*standard_output = g_string_free (outstr, FALSE);

Struct GString include "gsize len", but g_spawn_command_line_sync() accessible only "gchar **".

I have next solution. I write size of stdout to stderr, which not using.

Example code:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <glib.h>

int main()
    gint exit_status = 0;
    gchar *p_stdout = NULL;
    gchar *p_stderr = NULL;
    GError *p_error = NULL;
    gboolean result;

    result = g_spawn_command_line_sync("./make_image.py", &p_stdout, &p_stderr, &exit_status, &p_error);

    if (!result) {
        if (p_error != NULL) {
        else {
            printf("ERROR: Command not run\n");
    else if (exit_status != 0) {
    else {
        int size = atoi(p_stderr);
        gchar *p_c = p_stdout;

        for (int i = 0; i < size; ++i) {
            fputc(*p_c++, stdout);


    if (p_stdout) {

    if (p_stderr) {

    if (p_error) {

    return 0;
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Use g_spawn_async_with_pipes. Reading binary data from file descriptors is easy. If you really need to detect when the child exits, add a callback using g_child_watch_add or g_child_watch_add_full, but you can probably get away with just reading the descriptor until it returns an error.

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