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I have a C++ application running on FreeBSD, which I want to debug with gdb (7.6) from Linux in Eclipse CDT (3.7.3). So I followed the following steps:

1) built gdb with FreeBSD as target.

2) ran gdbserver on FreeBSD

3) made sure that gdb succesfully connects to gdbserver

So at this point, it seems that everything is ok.

4) made an import of C/C++ executable in Eclipse for a copy of executable, which should run on FreeBSD

5) created a new manual remote debug configuration in eclipse (with gdb that I built) and provided .gdbinit file, which contains the following:

set architecture i386:x86-64
file /* here a path to copy of executable, which I imported in Eclipse */
set substitute-path /*remote-path-prefix*/ /*local-path-prefix*/

5) made sure that init file is correct

When I run a debugging session in Eclipse, although gdb succesfully connects to server, however, it seems that it cannot find neither source files, nor symbols. Even disassembly shows nothing. Do I miss something?

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