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We added routing to an ASP.NET WebForms app. Routing is used to adds customer location information to the URL, so: www.example.com/orders/home.aspx would become www.example.com/california/orders/home.aspx. Customers can hit the page with or without the routing.

We have a lot of relative URLs on the site - in the format "../folder/otherpage.aspx". It appears that, when routing is being used, ASP.NET is rewriting the hrefs for all HtmlAnchor and HyperLink controls to include an extra "../". So using routing the link above "../folder/otherpage.aspx" becomes "../../folder/otherpage.aspx", breaking the link (or more to the point, causing it to drop the extra routing info from the URL).

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm able to avoid it by using a HTMLGenericControl, but that obviously isn't the best either.

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