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I want to create Custom field. Value o this custom field will be priority of new task dependent priority. But there is a problem how to do this? Field Issue priority doesn't see my custom field.

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You can use plugins like Universal Plugin and set the value of the priority based on another field. On the workflow:

Post Functions > Universal Post Function.

And then:

Choose Post Function to Execute > Copy Value From Other Field.

There, you can select the custom field and copy it to the priority field of the new task.

You can check the documentation here:


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I cant copy value to priority CF. I can only copy from priority. –  John Jun 17 at 15:19
What do you mean you can't? JIRA does not allow you? It does allow me. –  luanjot Jun 17 at 15:20
Yea, JIRA doesn't allow for that. –  John Jun 17 at 15:36

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