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I have data like this

##Data loading 

##Data splitting 
 Index <- createDataPartition(economics$unemploy, p = 0.8,list = FALSE, times = 1)

 train <- economics[Index, ]
 test <-  economics[-Index,]

## SVM - Regression 
svmRbftune <- train(unemploy ~ pce + pop + psavert + uempmed,
                data = train, method = "svmRadial",
                tunelength = 14, trControl = trainControl(method ="cv"))

## SVM predict 


Test <- test$unemploy
RbfData <- cbind(svmpredict,Test)
RbfDataM <- as.data.frame(RbfData)
qplot(svmpredict, Test, data = RbfDataM, geom =c("point", "smooth"))

enter image description here

I want to forecast for 2008 January, February, March. I want to do out of sample forecasting without using the Forecast package

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