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this is my test code:

public function testTransceiverEntityCreate()
    $transceiver_driver = Mockery::mock('Recoder\Drivers\TransceiverDriverInterface');

    $transceiver_utils = Mockery::mock('TransceiverUtils');

    new Transceiver('1F2D03', $transceiver_utils, $transceiver_driver);

When I running tests it returns follows error:

1) TransceiverTest::testTransceiverEntityCreate Argument 2 passed to Recoder\Entities\Transceiver::__construct() must be an instance of Recoder\TransceiverUtils, instance of Mockery_2__TransceiverUtils given, called in /var/www/solidoptics-recorder/private/application/libraries/Recoder/tests/Entities/TransceiverTest.php on line 35 and defined

Why Mockery_2__TransceiverUtils? I would be happy for any ideas. Thanks.

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This happens when the class is not found so Mockery mocks it totally instead of extending it. The class must be already loaded, or loadable via autoloading.

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Thank you man! It works! –  Andrey Tarykin Jun 17 '14 at 17:03

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