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Is it possible to run a search command as soon as gvim opens?

I'm thinking of using something similar to

vim $(grep -rl 'refreshents' .) 

source question...

and then searching for the first result in the first buffer.

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Brain Agnew answer is spot on. However it might be helpful to use the :argdo command to run a command over each file supplied to vim from the command line. This list is called the argslist.

:argdo %s/foo/bar/g|w

I think I would approach this from the other direction. That is open up vim then search via :grep or :vimgrep. Then walk though the quickfix list. There are some nice vimcast about this issue. Search multiple files with :vimgrep and Project-wide find and replace.

:Cdo s/foo/bar/g|w

Where :Cdo is defined as:

command! -nargs=1 -complete=command Cdo try | sil cfirst |
    \ while 1 | exec <q-args> | sil cn | endwhile |
    \ catch /^Vim\%((\a\+)\)\=:E\%(553\|42\):/ |
    \ endtry

For more help see:

:h :argdo
:h :vimgrep
:h :grep
:h quickfix
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You could also do something like vim -c "vimgrep 'refreshents' *". –  Conner Jun 18 at 2:50

Why not simply do it from the command line ?

$ vim myfile.java +/pattern

From here:

+/{pat} The cursor will be positioned on the first line containing "pat" in the first file being edited

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