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I need to add a CSS effect to the 'scene' of a certain JavaFX application of mine, not a specific component of the scene or stage. I tried to use:




But neither worked.

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CSS works on nodes not scenes.

There is a css class .root, which applies to the root node of all scenes in your application. For maximum flexibility, the root of the scene should be a Region subclass as regions have greater style options in JavaFX.

So for example, if you setup your primary stage like this.

Pane pane = new Pane();
stage.setScene(new Scene(pane, 300, 200));

Then you can style the root pane (of all scenes) using:

.root {
   -fx-background-color: yellow;

Or just the specific root pane in the sample using:

#my-pane {
   -fx-background-color: firebrick;
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You can directly add the desired style to .root style class

From the docs

The .root style class is applied to the root node of the Scene instance. Because all nodes in the scene graph are a descendant of the root node, styles in the .root style class can be applied to any node.

The styles written inside this class doesn't need to be applied/added externally. Just add your style within the .root and it will be automatically picked up by javafx.

    //Your styles

Though you need to externally add the css file !

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