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Somewhere in the Chrome configuration I've got some setting set to the wrong value and can't find it anywhere. If I have the Chrome Developer Tools open and load a web page it will act like it's hitting a break point when there's no break point there. There are no break points, no watch expressions, no DOM breakpoints, no XHR break points, no Event listener break points, and pause on exceptions is turned off (grey).

I've removed all the extensions, uninstalled / reinstalled Chrome and it still breaks when I hit the page.

Another 'odd' is it's always hitting the same place. Like it thinks there's a break point there when there's not.


I commented out the JavaScript line in the source, reran the app and it stopped on the commented out line (with it commented out).

It also looks like I can't step into other functions nor get variable's values in the source view - debugger and scope variables panes work just fine.

Update 2:

It looks like the source is out of alignment with the debugger. I noticed the call stack didn't match where the break point was, so I went down the left setting break points and it set them on lines that didn't contain code and didn't set them on lines that did.

Doe anyone know how to 'clean' what source it's loading? I've done an 'Empty Cache and Hard Reload' without luck. I've even uninstalled Chrome / Reboot / Reinstall without any change.

Update 3:

And just like that it started working again. /smh

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