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Plz help me with my first question in here:

I have changed my sidebar background color using a child theme for twentyfourteen, but a black color still appears further down the sidebar. Have tried to locate a wrapper color or something but there is none. So where to change the color of this lower part of the sidebar??

Any help would be appreciated :)

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How are we supposed to know what you need to change when we can't see what you are looking at? Sounds like you changed the color of the sidebar by applying a color to a div that was transparent but ontop of the div that had the black. Since you didn't actually replace the color that was there and instead just covered it up, the black is showing through at the bottom. Use chrome dev tools or firebug to find the selector that actually applies the black color and replace that color with your color to do this "properly" so to speak. –  Michael Jun 17 at 20:02
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If you use firefox or chrome, you can just right-click on the object, you need more information on (in your case the black lower part, that shouldn't be black). Then click "Inspect Element" or press "q" to actually get to the information.

A Window-segment should pop into view. To the left there will be the element, you clicked on highlighted in the HTML-source of the page. To the right you will find the CSS-styles assigned to that element. There you can also find the inherited styles from parent-elements.

This should make it pretty easy for you to find whatever you want to change.

I know, this does not exactly answer the question, but it enables you to find the answer yourself - even when the theme is updated somewhere in the future.

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Use this in your child theme style.css:

.site:before {background- color: yourcolorofchoice;}

Nb: replace yourcolorofchoice with something like this yellow, black, green.

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