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I am using PhoneStateListener and overriding onCallStateChanged() function. B called A .. I could observe the incoming number being passed to onCallStateChanged(). state here is CALL_STATE_RINGING .. after call is accepted..we go to CALL_STATE_OFFHOOK state. C called A .. I could observe the incoming number being passed to onCallStateChanged() function. I could observe CALL_STATE_RINGING and after the call is accepted.. we go to CALL_STATE_OFFHOOK. Now we swapped the call to B and we ended the call with B.

I would like to find out which among the two calls ended. I wouldn't be able to use the CALL_STATE_IDLE here to track it because, there is another active call in progress whent he call ended. CALL_STATE_OFF_HOOK wouldn't serve my purpose. Please guide me how to proceed tacking this problem.

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