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My views in Xcode (Xcode 6) are all oddly sized (some tall, some short) and are looking very out of place when I run them in the emu. Ill show you some pictures as I'm not doing a very good job at explaining it.

Xcode displaying views odly

As you can see, theres a white part at the bottom which is un-fillable and the content (which should be under the nav-bar) is being shown perfectly in the emu.

Any ideas as to what is causing this?

Is it a bug in Xcode 6?

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Side note - I assume by "emu" you mean emulator. There is no emulator, it's a simulator. –  rmaddy Jun 17 at 23:01
Sorry, simulator. –  Sam Stone Jun 17 at 23:02

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Incorrect or missing launch images will cause this behavior. Remove your existing launch images or add the correctly sized launch image for iPhone 5S.

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How would I go about doing this? Never touched launch images before. –  Sam Stone Jun 17 at 23:29
If I've never added a launch image before, then surely this wouldn't be the issue? –  Sam Stone Jun 17 at 23:45
UIKit seems to size the app based on launch image sizes in some cases because launch images are required app resources. So yes, if you haven't added one, then it's possibly the issue. –  Fruity Geek Jun 17 at 23:58
Ok so a new launch image is in place (opened up the folders - see what you mean now), and the views arn't fixing them selfs. It all seems really odd! –  Sam Stone Jun 18 at 0:08
iOS Simulator can be flaky. Have you tried quit and relaunching it? I know it sounds basic, but I've searched for a bug for hours before that was not actually a bug, but simulator being terrible. –  Fruity Geek Jun 18 at 0:21

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