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Has anyone implemented this, or know if it would be difficult to implement this/have any pointers?

public static SpatialRelationCriterion IsWithinDistance(string propertyName, object anotherGeometry, double distance)
    // TODO: Implement
    throw new NotImplementedException();

from NHibernate.Spatial.Criterion.SpatialRestrictions

I can use "where NHSP.Distance(PROPERTY, :point)" in hql. But want to combine this query with my existing Criteria query.

for the moment I'm creating a rough polygon, and using

criteria.Add(SpatialRestrictions.Intersects("PROPERTY", myPolygon));

EDIT Got a prototype working by overloading constructor on SpatialRelationCriterion, adding new SpatialRelation.Distance

public static SpatialRelationCriterion IsWithinDistance(string propertyName, object anotherGeometry, double distance)
            return new SpatialRelationCriterion(propertyName, SpatialRelation.Distance, anotherGeometry, distance);

added a new field to SpatialRelationCriterion

private readonly double? distance;

public SpatialRelationCriterion(string propertyName, SpatialRelation relation, object anotherGeometry, double distance)
            : this(propertyName, relation, anotherGeometry)
            this.distance = distance;

Edited ToSqlString

object secondGeometry = Parameter.Placeholder;
                if (!(this.anotherGeometry is IGeometry))
                    secondGeometry = columns2[i];

                if (distance.HasValue)
                    builder.Add(spatialDialect.GetSpatialRelationString(columns1[i], this.relation, secondGeometry, distance.Value, true));
                    builder.Add(spatialDialect.GetSpatialRelationString(columns1[i], this.relation, secondGeometry, true));

overloaded ISpatialDialect.GetSpatialRelationString

implemented overload in MsSql2008SpatialDialect

public SqlString GetSpatialRelationString(object geometry, SpatialRelation relation, object anotherGeometry, double distance, bool criterion)
            var x = new SqlStringBuilder(8)

            if (criterion)
                x.Add(" < ");

            return x.ToSqlString();

Not sure why AddParameter not being used?

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I have the same problem, and haven't found any complete patch/fix/whatever so far. Did you solve it, or did you go with the HQL variant? – Liedman Nov 7 '11 at 10:21
Think went with above approach, and recompilled dll to work, but was still experimental code. – Ian Feb 29 '12 at 16:49
@Amresh are you not satisfied with the proposed solution OP gave? – Eranga Sep 12 '12 at 8:56
Recompile the DLL for it to work. – cowboy911 Nov 24 '12 at 11:58
According to Rich Lander of Microsoft, you might stand a better chance should you raise this issue on NHibernate forums. – Annie Dec 5 '12 at 10:31

Yes I think that Recompile the DLL is the best solution for now.

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we are looking into this issue over at GitHub. Thanks for providing great insight and a possible solution. Here's a link to the issue:

I will publish new NuGet packages as soon as this is fixed.

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