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Is there a good way to enforce that only one instance of my COM object (served by an in-process server) may be created at any one time?

Currently I am creating a Windows Mutex in the constructor of TMyObjectImpl; and if the mutex already exists then I set a flag to put my object into a "dead" state: when this flag is set, all implementations of interface functions will return an error code.

I would like to throw an exception instead of creating a "dead" object like this, however it is not good to throw C++ exceptions across a COM boundary and I'm not sure if the C++Builder implementation of COM can cope with this reliably.

There are actually two possible problem scenarios:

  • The same process creates two of MyObject
  • Two different processes create one each of MyObject

The Mutex guards against both of these.

My object factory function is:

static void createFactory()
    new TCppAutoObjectFactory<TMyObjectImpl>(Comserv::GetComServer(),
#pragma startup createFactory 32

According to the C++Builder DocWiki, setting the Instancing property has no effect for in-process servers - it always behaves like ciMultiInstance even if you specify ciSingleInstance.

My object needs this property because it access global resources (e.g. writes to a file in a specific disk location); the semantics of the object are such that there is only supposed to be one open at a time. I'm not looking to add support for multiple instances of my object.

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My guess is that Delphi/C++ Builder catches exceptions when constructing an object in its IClassFactory::CreateInstance and returns a failure HRESULT, have you tried it? – acelent Jun 18 '14 at 14:32
I'll trawl through the source and see if I can find something reliable. (The single best feature of C++Builder is that they give you all the source code for all the VCL and runtime libraries, so you can answer questions like this and fix bugs yourself) – M.M Jun 18 '14 at 22:08

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