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In my database I have a Person table and an Event table (parties, meetings, &c.). This many-to-many relationship is represented through an Invitation table. Each Person can have many Invitations. Each Event can also have many Invitations.

If I want a list of Events to which a Person is invited, I can use this HQL query:

IQuery query = Session.CreateQuery("SELECT i.Event from Invitation i where i.Person = :p");
query.SetParameter("p", person);
return query.List<Person>();

How would I write this query with NHibernate criteria and Lambda Extensions?

If I did something like:

ICriteria criteria = Session.CreateCriteria<Invitation>()
    .Add(SqlExpression.CriterionFor<Invitation>(i => i.Person == person));
return criteria.List<Invitation>();

then that only gives me a list of Invitation objects, through which I'd have to loop to get the Event for each one. I'd rather have a list of Event objects from the query. How do I do this?

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