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Say I have a String

String strCondition = something.contains("value") && somethingElse.equals("one");

How do I convert this String into a boolean condition so that I can be able to use it in an IF statement?

If I use valueOf(), will it evaluate the contents of the String?

RE-EDIT: I am not sure how to put this.

I am taking the value something.contains("value") && somethingElse.equals("one") from a database column. If I try to assign that to boolean variable it shows a type mismatch.

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If you have multiple strings but a fixed set of them, then you can go for creating an enum out of them and then comparing them –  AurA Jun 18 at 6:27
Do you mean taking strCondition and turning it into code? –  user3580294 Jun 18 at 6:27
How do you even store the boolean value into a String in the first place? –  R.J Jun 18 at 6:27
This won't even compile. Firstly, && returns type boolean. Secondly, String.contains() is misspelled. –  Unihedron Jun 18 at 6:28
I think this could possibly be just a really badly communicated version of "how do I turn a string into code that I can use in a program later?" –  user3580294 Jun 18 at 6:29

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you don't.

it already is a boolean expression.

something.contains("value") -> this returns either true or false && somethingElse.equals("one"); -> this also returns true or false.

what you need, is either:

boolean strCondition = something.contains("value") && somethingElse.equals("one");
if ( strCondition )


if ( something.contains("value") && somethingElse.equals("one"))
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something.contains("value") && somethingElse.equals("one");// returns a boolean . why put it into a String in the first place?
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You can use these :

if (strCondition.equals("true")) 

if (Boolean.getBoolean(strCondition)) 

if (Boolean.valueOf(strCondition)) 
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and equalsIgnoreCase(String) if you're reading from stdin. –  Unihedron Jun 18 at 6:31
@Unihedron Well, the question said the string is obtained from Boolean operations, so it'll be lower-case in Java. –  Pietu1998 Jun 18 at 6:56

contains and equals methods of string returns boolean you cannot cast to String

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Read JavaDoc first!

Boolean.valueOf(String s) returns a Boolean with a value represented by the specified string. The Boolean returned represents a true value if the string argument is not null and is equal, ignoring case, to the string "true".

Sample code

if(Boolean.valueOf(strCondition)) {

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