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how can i get the number from a div tag's id?


<div id="button1"></div>

how can i get the 1 and store it in a variable?

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var id = $("div").attr('id').replace(/button/, '');
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Your "id" values cannot be purely numeric; they need to start with a letter or "_" like an identifier. Once you've got a number in your "id" value like that, you would just use the jQuery attr() function to get the id:

 var theId = parseInt($('div.whatever').attr('id').replace(/[^\d]/g, ''), 10);
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may I ask u a question. what does /[^\d]/g mean? –  Sungguk Lim Mar 12 '10 at 4:22
It's a regular expression. It matches any non-digit with this part: "[^\d]". The "g" at the end tells Javascript to repeat the "replace" operation for all non-digits it finds in the string. –  Pointy Mar 12 '10 at 11:18
// replace all non-digits with nothing

If you like, you can just grab the numbers at the end:

// <div id="_34_foo_555"></div>
// alerts "555"
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You should get in the habit of using delimiters in your attribute names (ie, button-1, button_1). One of the advantages, of many, is that it makes it easier to extract a number, or some other information, from the field (ie, by splitting the string at '-').

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If button is a constant prefix, you can do this:

var number = parseInt(element.id.match(/^button(\d+)$/)[1], 10);
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