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I have mounted a CIFS netapp share on my centOS machine at /root/netapp_share/logs2/archival/logs, I could access this directory fine. I could write files to it.

For some reason, following command

ssh root@ cd /remote_directory_name && nice -n 19 tar czf - 00e2c598-16bc-4b50-bbd5-bdabc137c52e | tar -xzvf -

fails with error

some files' names inside directory....
tar: 00e2c598-16bc-4b50-bbd5-bdabc137c52e: Cannot utime: Permission denied
tar: 00e2c598-16bc-4b50-bbd5-bdabc137c52e: Cannot change ownership to uid 271, gid 267: Permission denied
tar: 00e2c598-16bc-4b50-bbd5-bdabc137c52e: Cannot change mode to rwxrws---: Permission denied
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

I tried to search online, most of the articles talk about not having permission. But I do have permission to write to these shared drive.

Can somebody help me understand what is going on here?

Any help is appreciated.

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