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I'm writing the SecurityManager layer of BLE for a peripheral and I use an iPad to test it. First I open successfully a connection and I can exchange data with that unsecured connection.

I would like to switch to a secured connection using the "Just Works" scenario for the key exchanges.

So, the peripheral send a SecurityRequest to initiate a pairing. A PairingReq/PairingResp is exchanged and I get a dialog box on the iPad to confirm the Pairing. A PairingConfirm in both directions is exchanged followed by a PairingRandom sent by the peripheral, an exchange of EncryptionReq/EncryptionResp and a StartEncryptionReq. From that point the security is enabled and the messages are exchanged encrypted with the short term key (STK). The StartEncryptionResp from the iPad is correctly decoded by the peripheral. It sends an encrypted StartEncryptionResp too. From this last message, the iPad close the connection.

The error in didDisconnectPeripheral is:

2014-06-18 08:46:48.720 CSEM_Serial[1427:60b] Error code was Error Domain=CBErrorDomain Code=0 "Unknown error." UserInfo=0x14e33750 {NSLocalizedDescription=Unknown error.}

The sniffer decodes the StartEncryptionResp from both side correctly.

What could be the reason of this disconnection? I tried to send a non encrypted message and got a similar result. It seems that any kind of message sent from that point closes the connection (if the peripheral send nothing the connection stay alive).

I'm using XCode 5.1.1 and iOS 7.1 (11D167).

Thanks in advance for any kind of suggestion.

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