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I created a project from existing database. The problem is with Table 'settings': name- varchar(primary), value- varchar.

because name is primary there is no 'setName' method on the settings entity.

when trying: $setting = new Settings(); $setting->setName($var); $setting->setValue($value); $em->persist($setting);

I get the error "Attempted to call method "setName"

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If I got it right then it won't work. Because doctrine2.1 needs a column with primary INT or BIGINT. I used to have almost the same problem and there was something with doctrine and primary key index. –  craphunter Jun 18 at 9:20
According to groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/doctrine-user/CPWzteZlKCI it is possible (or was possible, given the dates...), why couldn't you just add the accessors to your Settings class? –  Stock Overflaw Jun 18 at 15:50

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