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I am building an SQL query that will find some text to be displayed in a web browser.


The description can contain some characters that need to be html escaped.

If I was in Java I would use StringEscapeUtils#escapeHtml4.

Due to custom security policy, I can't load the Apache Commons jar in the Oracle 10g database. So I have to use a function available in Oracle PL/SQL. UTL_URL.ESCAPE is for URL. HTF.ESCAPE_SC seems to manage only a few cases not like StringEscapeUtils#escapeHtml4...

What Oracle PL/SQL function/procedure can I use ?

Oracle 10gR2

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Your best shot probably be write your own escapeHTML4 function in PLSQL. Translate all these characters: BASIC, ISO8859_1, HTML40_EXTENDED

This is what escapeHTML4 in Java does

Do something like: SELECT REGEXP_REPLACE(html, '&', '&amp;') FROM A;

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