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I need to handle page scrolling in fennec addon I did next thing:

function onScrollHand(window, event) {
 showToast(window, "Scrolling");

var windowListener = {
  onOpenWindow: function(aWindow) {
    let domWindow = aWindow.QueryInterface(Ci.nsIInterfaceRequestor).getInterface(Ci.nsIDOMWindowInternal || Ci.nsIDOMWindow);

    domWindow.addEventListener("onscroll", function onScroll(event) {
      onScrollHand(domWindow ,event);
    }, false);

function startup(aData, aReason) {
  let wm = Cc["@mozilla.org/appshell/window-mediator;1"].getService(Ci.nsIWindowMediator);


And I didn't receive scrolling events. Has someone any idea or some working code?

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The problem is resolved by adding

window.onscroll = scroll;

function scroll (event) {

in function loadIntoWindow(window) function

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addEventListener does not use on*, i.e. it should be:

domWindow.addEventListener("scroll", function onScroll(event) {
  onScrollHand(domWindow, event);
}, false);

Overriding window.onscroll is problematic, to say the least, as it will override whatever onscroll a page has set itself. addEventListener does not override.

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