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I have a DB content for location details like Countries, Regions, Cities with the data that amounts to over 50k Records. I wanna generate the Seed file with this data.

I am trying to use this plugin - seed_dump

But after running rake db:seed:dump nothing seems to happen.

Do i need to to create models before i do the dump?

Is there a way i can create Models based on the existing MySQL tables?

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I use rails 4.1 with ruby 2.1.1 and this gem works perfectly with 5k records. Yep, you must create models, before use this gem. Or try dump database to yml-file.

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i do not have the models i guess thats the problem. is there a way to generate the models from the tables that exisits from the database? –  Harsha M V Jun 18 at 10:20
any plugin to dump it to yml file? the yaml_db is only for rails3 –  Harsha M V Jun 18 at 10:20
Let's try this stackoverflow.com/a/18763014/3725991 –  uselesssmile Jun 18 at 10:24
AWESOME :D thanks a lot :D u saved my time :D –  Harsha M V Jun 18 at 10:31

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