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I get a form from a Play controller

class CustomerTable(tag: Tag) extends Table[Customer]("customer", tag) {
   def id = column[Long]("id")
   def * = ...

case class Customer(
   id: Long,
   remarkName: String

case class CustomerUpdateForm(
  id: Long,
  remarkName: Option[String],
  realName: Option[String],
  birth: Option[Date],
  address: Option[String],
  phone: Option[String],
  qq: Option[String],
  email: Option[String])

And I want to update the database with nonEmpty fields of the form, here's how I did

def updateField(form: CustomerUpdateForm) = {
  def updateField0[T](
    field: CustomerTable => Column[T],
    value: T) = {
      .filer(_.id, form.id)
      .map(c => field(c) -> c.gmtModified)
      .update(value -> new Date)
  var updated = 0
  if (form.remarkName.nonEmpty)
    updateField0(_.remarkName, form.remarkName)
    updated = updated + 1
    updateField0(_.realName, form.realName)
    updated = updated + 1
    updateField0(_.birth, form.birth)
    updated = updated + 1
    updateField0(_.address, form.address)
    updated = updated + 1
    updateField0(_.phone, form.phone)
    updated = updated + 1
    updateField0(_.qq, form.qq)
    updated = updated + 1
    updateField0(_.email, form.email)
    updated = updated + 1
   if(updated  > 1) 1 else 0

Can I update those fields by one time ?

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+1, I'm also curious about this. One way could be to get the full row from the database as a CustomerTableRow object, then using reflection you could check if form fields are Some or None and modify the row object accordingly, in the end you could simply use the update function. Just a guess though, never actually used reflections and I'm not sure it's possible in this case. –  Ende Neu Jun 18 '14 at 12:19
CustomerTable is a case class right? Do you preserve the same names in the form and in your CustomerTable columns objects? –  dirceusemighini Jun 23 '14 at 12:16
@dirceusemighini CustomerTable is a Table I have update my question –  jilen Jun 24 '14 at 1:20
@jilen I still don't understanding your question. You wan't to use the form to update the database value, or you wan't to use a selected value from the database, to create a form? –  dirceusemighini Jun 24 '14 at 11:49
@dirceusemighini look at the updateField method. I want to update my database with the non-empty field in form –  jilen Jun 25 '14 at 0:45

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