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say, i have a string A='baby', want to repeat A 4 times to generate a list looks like this:

['baby', 'baby', 'baby', 'baby']

my current solution is :


however, this looks really awkward.

is there any more civilized solution?


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Update This answer is expanded with more examples on the canonical question: http://stackoverflow.com/a/24557558/541136

You can do it like this:

['baby'] * 4

Note that this is best only used with immutable items in the list, because they all point to the same place in memory. I use this frequently when I have to build a table with a schema of all strings.

schema = ['string'] * len(columns)

Beware doing this with mutable objects, when you change one of them, they all change because they're all the same object:

foo = [[]] *4

foo now returns:

[['x'], ['x'], ['x'], ['x']]
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By using list comprehension:

['baby' for x in range(4)]

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['baby' for _ in range(4)] –  volcano Jun 18 at 11:39
list comprehensions aren't the answer for everything –  Aaron Hall Jun 18 at 11:39
No, they are not. But they are certainly better than OP's current solution. –  Reloader Jun 18 at 11:40
@AaronHall, especially since in this case it's take about 1.5 longer than list multiplication –  volcano Jun 18 at 11:40

Build a list with single element and multiply the list

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