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Okay guys, so I have a problem with WPF application. So far I managed to make a window with transparent background ( + no brush ). Also I added function, if my window is focused. So obviously my window should never been focused (because of transparency). This is working, but when I add lets say rectangle (on Canvas):

                        Rectangle testRectangleForText = new Rectangle();
                        testRectangleForText.Stroke = Brushes.Black;
                        testRectangleForText.StrokeThickness = 5;
                        testRectangleForText.Fill = null;
                        testRectangleForText.Height = 300;
                        testRectangleForText.Width = 300;
                        Canvas.SetLeft(testRectangleForText, 0);
                        Canvas.SetTop(testRectangleForText, 20);


The rectangle is clickable and if I click on it, my app is focused (applicationFocus function display messageBox) and I don't want that. I already found solution for Win forms, but not for WPF, thats why I'm asking this here. Solution for win forms is here: WINFORM SOLUTION

Okay now example what I'm trying to achieve: example image

So the red zone is my window (WPF APP) size. Background is transparent (obviously). Background application is notepad. We can see text and rectangle on Canvas. Now, if I click on 1.(first) arrow, this is btw transparent area, nothing happens (thats good). If I click on 2.(second) arrow, MessageBox appear, which means that my WPF APP is focused and that is what I dont want.

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Try to set rectangle's Fill property to {x:Null} which is Null brush. Null brush is different from Transparent brush and doesn't react to mouse clicks. –  Blablablaster Jun 18 at 21:37
and what is testRectangleForText.Fill = null; ? Anyway the Rectangle is still clickable (because of "Stroke"), stroke is Black. It has to be, so I can see the rectangle :). –  Janck7 Jun 18 at 23:17

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Try to set the Focusable attribute in your XAML-Code:

<Window ... Focusable="False">
    < ... />
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Not working to me.. Okay I guess problem is somewhere else. Im adding primitives in this.Dispatcher.Invoke((Action)(() => { .... })); from another thread. But I don't see a connection between thread and Canvas (or primitives) attributes. Ty in advance. –  Janck7 Jun 18 at 23:09

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