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We are facing problem while updating previous session with new value during login in Asp.Net MVC application on live server when we are using SSL.It always display the previous logged in Session value but we are using session.abondon and also clearing session manually on logout.But when we use ctrl+F5 it provide us with the correct current Session value. Without SSL it is working fine.Please suggest me the appropriate answer.Do we need to change our web.config for this?

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How do you check if it is the same value? Can you show the code? –  Mathias F Jun 18 '14 at 12:01

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It seems that it's browser caching problem so you can set no cache on you pages. If you are using MVC then you can use

[OutputCache(NoStore = true, Duration = 0, VaryByParam = "None")]

on your action which is getting cached.

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