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I integrated best_in_place-3.0.0.alpha in my rails 4 app and tried to use the datepicker function. I am using IE 8 btw.

I added this line to my pimps.js.coffee

jQuery ->
  $.datepicker.setDefaults({ dateFormat: 'dd M (D)' });

And in my view

<%= best_in_place @pimp, :budget_from, :type => :date %>

And IE debugger gives me following error msg:

'$.datepicker' is null or not an object

Tried to alter the code in different ways but I dont know really much about js and coffee so I ask you guys! Does anyone know whats wrong?

Best regards.

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Anyone? Im not really getting foward on that problem! Somehow he cant find the datepicker Script! –  user3665315 Jun 23 at 9:08

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