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STL has std::addressof which gets the true address of an object even if it overloads operator &. ATL::CAdapt was required to workaround this problem when storing CComPtrs in std::vectors.

Anyway, I'm wondering, with C++11, should std::vector be able to cope with containing CComPtr's directly without CAdapt being necessary?

More specifically, I'm using VS 2013. Would that support vector without CAdapt?

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AFAIK no they don't need it with vector in VS2013, however for compatibility reasons you may wish to continue using CAdapt – Mgetz Jun 18 '14 at 13:56

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Quoted from MSDN:

This was most commonly necessary for C++ Standard Library containers prior to support for the C++11 Standard, but C++11 Standard Library containers automatically work with types that have overloaded operator&().

This reads like you don't need CAdapt anymore because Visual Studio 2013 comes with a C++11 STL.

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