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How are you doing today? I have to create a dll project on Eclipse Ganymede and I don´t know where to start... (I am a C# guy with VS).

Can you please indicate me what type of project should I create to make a dll on Eclipse Ganymede so I can call the DLL from other Java Project?

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Java doesn't create DLLs. Java source code is compiled into class files, which can then be bundled together in a jar file.

In Eclipse, just create a new Java project, and you'll end up with separate bin and src folders by default; I'm not sure if there's any one-click way of creating a jar file from the bin directory, although you can easily do that from the command line using the jar utility, or create an Ant build file which you can run from Eclipse.

When you thought you had to produce a DLL, what gave you that impression? What are you going to do with the code afterwards?

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I was thinking in creating a utility library to handle directories, parse files ,etc So i want to be able to call those functions with different clients... –  MRFerocius Mar 11 '10 at 20:52

You have to use certain plugin (e.g. Emonic) to start coding in C#. NET with Eclipse. I guess you have the standard distribution, though.

Anyway, I would recommend you to choose VS (Express) instead or MonoDevelop, if you need a free IDE.

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