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I use Firebug for development. However, it kind of seriously interrupts my development workflow because it prevents me from using the Tab key to switch the focus to the address bar of Firefox such that I can reload the page after some modification. Instead, it seems as if Tab will strictly only direct focus to the Firebug search bar. Even repeated hits of Tab will stay on the firebug search bar.

That's annoying. How can I remove the Firebug search bar?

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I cannot reproduce your problem using Firefox 30.0 + Firebug 2.0 on Windows. Pressing Tab lets me switch to the address bar of Firefox. What configuration do you have? –  Sebastian Zartner Jun 19 '14 at 4:22

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To remove the search bar from Firebug you would need to change it's code. I don't think you want to do this, but to remove the search bar you have to remove the following code line (in Firebug 2.0) from the firebugOverlay.xul file:

<textbox flex="70" id="fbSearchBox" type="fbSearchBox"/>

See this line on GitHub:


To switch to the Firefox address bar you can also simply press F6. If you just want to reload the page, you can press F5. Both keys work fine in combination with Firebug. Furthermore there's a list of all shortcuts at the Mozilla website.

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