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I got my Chef Server and Chef workstation configured on an AWS VM running Centos. I downloaded the chef-repo from GitHub as per the instructions. I downloaded the keys from my Chef Server. I also had keys from Amazon to use their EC2 API (AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY). I also created a key at Amazon for use with the instance (test.pem). All the keys are in ~chef-repo/.chef/ and in ~/.ssh/. I am trying to bootstrap an existing ec2 instance in a specific environment and under a specific role.

I have used the following command:

knife bootstrap Server_IP --ssh-user root --sudo --identity-file ~/.ssh/test.pem --environment testing --node-name Centos_Node --run-list 'role[web_server]'

This command adds the node to the default environment.

Please help me to resolve the issue.

NOTE: VPC does not have an internet gateway.

I am following this link :


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Can you access that via regular SSH? –  sethvargo Jun 18 at 18:27
the node... ??? –  user3086014 Jun 19 at 4:05
The bootstrap works fine when I execute knife bootstrap IP but now I am stuck at a different problem.I want to configure this instance in a specific environment and roles. knife bootstrap Ip --ssh-user root --sudo --identity-file ~/.ssh/Jyoti_Test_Key.pem --environment testing --node-name Centos_Node --run-list 'role[web_server]'. This command doesnot work –  user3086014 Jun 19 at 6:11
Please help.... –  user3086014 Jun 19 at 6:14
Question & details edited –  user3086014 Jun 19 at 8:05

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