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so I have this wordpress website with ACF (advanced custom fields) that generate text (wysywyg). I use "Benton Light" font. It displays perfectly on Chrome and IE, but Firefox has problem displaying the ligatures.

I tried different solutions as CSS3 :

font-feature-settings: "liga=0";
font-variant-ligatures: no-common-ligatures;

(did not work)

also tried with some js script without success. I have read a few articles and post and can't seem to find a good solution on the web. Anyone ?

thank you for your time

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have you tried -moz-font-feature-settings: "liga=0"; –  Andi Jun 18 at 13:44
@Andi yes I have. not working either –  Estelle Chvl Jun 18 at 13:50
Same case here, I'm using Google WebFonts with latin characters (e.g. with ligatures, and ligature characters are shown bolder than normal characters. In Chrome/IE everything renders fine. –  Alan Kis Dec 15 at 13:43
I, unfortunatly, did not solve the problem.. –  Estelle Chvl Dec 17 at 8:40

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