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I'm using PHPDocX, and I want to create a Word file from a bunch of text that both contains inline HTML tags (e.g., <b></b>) and that needs to be styled (e.g., be justified, have the font set, etc.).

I've tried using the addText method, but then all the HTML tags show up literally. I then tried using the embedHTML method, but it seems like there is no way to style the text further when that method is used.

Ideally, I'd like to use addText, but at the same time, have the inline HTML tags render the text accordingly. Is there any way to do this? Thank you.

Edit: I had considered breaking the text apart on the HTML tags, and then using the addText method multiple times per text block to style the text accordingly, but the problem with that method is that every time I use addText, a new paragraph element is create. If it were possible to append multiple pieces of text with addText and have them all be in the same paragraph, then I think it would be possible.

Any thoughts?

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I found the answer to my question. "Example #2" on the following page of the official documentation explains how to underline / make bold only certain parts of the text within a paragraph:

The main idea is that the $text argument for addtext needs to be an array with the text stored in the 'text' key.

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