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I am integrating with an aged lm_sensors library using JNA and JNAerator, with a view to creating MBeans for each of the temperature sensors inside my box. Firstly I'm calling this method:

// C edition
const sensors_chip_name *sensors_get_detected_chips(int *nr);

// Java edition
sensors_chip_name sensors_get_detected_chips(IntByReference nr);

.. which works just fine. Subsequently I need to call:

// C edition
int sensors_get_feature(sensors_chip_name name, int feature, double *result);

// Java edition
int sensors_get_feature(sensors_chip_name.ByValue name, int feature, DoubleByReference result);

.. what I am lacking is how to take the result of sensors_get_detected_chips and pass it by value to the 1st argument of sensors_get_feature.

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The following allows a ByValue version of the struct to be initialized from the base class.

public class sensors_chip_name extends Structure {
    public class ByValue extends sensors_chip_name implements Structure.ByValue {
        public ByValue(sensors_chip_name orig) {
        public ByValue(Pointer p) {
        public ByValue() { }
    public sensors_chip_name() { }
    public sensors_chip_name(Pointer p) { 
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