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Sorry if the title is confusing. I was trying to keep it short.

I have a DataSet ds. In this dataSet are seven columns, One Machine Schedule Order, Two Machine Schedule Order, Series, Oven, Battery, and Oven Control Number.

I want to do a for loop from 1 to 183 (which is how many records there are, and they're the values of One Machine Schedule Order, which is a primary key), finding what the values of series, oven, and battery are in the matching row.

If I were to mix C# and SQL, what I would do is:

for (int i = 1; i<184; i++)
    String result = SELECT series||battery||'/'||oven where \"One Machine Schedule Order\" = i

So if that doesn't make sense, I want to get one value back per row and I want it stored in a string. Then I want to output that string to the screen.

DataRow[] row = ds.Tables[0].Select("'One Machine Schedule Order' = " + "'"+i+"'");

Above is how I'm getting each row, and then just to see if the data was getting there, I tried Console.WriteLine(row[0][0]); to print the value of the first column, which should be a three digit number. However, I'm getting an IndexOutOfRangeException on that statement. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it?

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Hmm, still throwing the exception. I decided to catch the exception and write the source and it's just giving me the namespace as the source –  Alex Kibler Jun 18 at 16:18
then may be datarow is null because the select return null review the select debug code and but breakpoint and use watch window to check if datarow has data –  Husam Khiry Jun 19 at 7:18

Try this.This should work if I understand your question right

foreach (DataRow dr in ds.Tables[0].AsEnumerable())
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